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Nonprofit Village Art Exhibit
Hosted by The Writers Place

Featuring artists Nano Nore and Carlyle Raine.

Be sure to come see our featured art exhibit by local artists Nano Nore and Carlyle Raine. This free exhibit is open to all the community at Nonprofit Village (where our TWP office is located), and many have already enjoyed the work. If you'd like to read a bit more about one of the artists, please read "Nano Nore: Decades of Teaching and Creating" by clicking on this link .

Nano Nore

Born in Albion Nebraska (1951) a small town of under 2,000 that could have been called Lake Wobegone, of Norwegian Lutheran parents.

Encouraged and given opportunity to pursue art by an artistic mother and grandmother.

Nano went to the Kansas City Art Institute to major in painting and printmaking earning her BFA in 1974. She went on to get a MA(1976) and MFA (1990) in art and art history at Texas Woman’s University, and a Master's of Arts in Religious Study(1980) at Central Baptist Theological Seminary investigating the relationship between religion and art. She has taught high school, 2 community colleges, University of Guildford, UK, and Park University before coming to Jewell in 1988. Retiring 2018 from William Jewell College after 30 years of being a teaching artist, she is pursuing art full time.

I live and work in Liberty, MO

My work is multi-media but based in painting, printmaking and sculptural ceramics.

I have exhibited my art regularly since 1973 having been in over (51) juried and group exhibitions nationally and regionally, and (21) one man shows. Recently A sketchbook I submitted to an international sketchbook project toured NYC (Whitney), Chicago(Art Institute of Chicago) and Los Angeles (LA County Museum of Art). My first retrospective was held in the Stocksdale Gallery in early February-March 2018 “5 1/2 Decades of Art”.

My website is www.nanonore.com


816-721-8348 cell

Studio: 64 E Brown St, Liberty, MO 64068

Nano Nore


Landscape has been my preoccupation all my life. I work from both on site and from invention. I have interpreted the landscape in clay, iron, fibers, paint and printmaking. The style varies by the medium. My work shows the influences of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Munch and the German Expressionists but is much different than theirs. Bold linear design and texture play a most important role. The medium of linoleum block printing lends itself to a certain appearance. I am using Blick’s Wondercut linoleum. It is softer than regular battleship linoleum but strong enough to be used in a press. This linoleum does not do well with the smallest blade, so all my prints use the medium small blades to larger blades. This regard for the limitations of Wondercut result in the kinds of lines cut and the finished image.

The mostly 11” x 14” prints displayed reflect 3 different locations: Norway, the Adirondacks, and the harbor at Rockport Mass. I visited the country of my family’s origins in 1998 and the wonderful entire summer of 2006, staying with cousins and working in and around Nordfjord in western Norway. There I felt the awe I first experienced seeing the Grand Canyon. The mountains and the Fjord were both God created (universal), and of my family (locale). The second series comes from three summers spent in the Adirondacks at a friend’s cabin on Joe Indian Pond. The third series reflects my love of rowboats. All the series carry themes of water, boats and places near water, a far cry from my Nebraskan origins. But growing up we vacationed in Colorado and Minnesota. My art essentially reflects my travels, my responses to and a love of and connectedness to Nature.

All prints are on archival paper (Stonehenge) and in small limited editions. I am selling unframed prints for $100 and $15 for S&H.

Carlyle Raine

Carlyle Raine has B.A. degrees from the University of Missouri, Columbia and William Jewell College. At William Jewell College she has taught art classes as an Adjunct Professor (1988-2006). She is a member of the Kansas City Artists Coalition.

Her paintings have appeared at solo, group, and juried exhibitions in the greater Kansas City area, Columbia, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, and New York City. In 1991, a national painting grant from The Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation of Brooklyn, New York, permitted Carlyle and nephew Philip Jones to complete a series of large paintings titled "Free Fat Sister", one of which remains in the Humour of the Peoples Collection, House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria. More recently, she has completed a comprehensive body of work "The Etruscans Revisited: Turning the Underworld On Its Head," which comprises nearly four dozen pieces. For several years Carlyle has contributed to the annual Ceres Gallery exhibitions in New York City; in 2006 her piece "The Etruscan Dreamer: Backside" was included in the 7th National Juried Exhibition, juried by Cora Rosevear, Curator of Painting at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

Carlyle Raine

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