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Member Party and Silent Auction

September 2, 2023

Welcome to the Writers Place Silent Auction. 

To place an advance bid, email writersplaceevents@gmail.com. All online bids must be placed by Thursday, August 31st.

The Writers Place Silent Auction 2023

September 2 – 4:00 to 7:00

Auction ends at 6:00

Writers.  Buy Two Hours of Critique Time

If you are the winning bidder, the writer will donate two hours to your work. The first hour will be to read what you send, and the second will be a critique session discussing your work. The writers will look at 3-5 poems, a short story, a chapter, a nonfiction essay, a children’s story, or a one-act play?

                            Minimum bid $25.

                             Buy Now $100

Catherine Browder. (fiction drama)

Catherine Browder’s most recent book, Resurrection City: Stories from the Disaster Zone, won the Spokane Prize and she has won the Hefner Heitz Kansas Book Award. Her first novel, The Manning Girl, will be released November 7 by Regal House Publishing and won their Petrichor Prize. Other story collections and novellas have been published by BkMk Press, Milkweed Editions, Southern Methodist University Press, Helicon Nine Editions, Ploughshares Solos (in E-book, Audible), and in numerous journals. She’s received fiction fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and Missouri Arts Council. She served as facilitator for The Memory Project at the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education, taught ESL and in the creative writing program at UMKC, and served as an advisory editor for New LettersShe will give feedback over a one-act play or a short story.

Trish Reeves.  (poetry)

Trish Reeves’s most recent book of poetry, The Receipt, was released from Cynren Press in April 2023. Her first book, Returning the Question, won the Cleveland State Poetry Center Prize.  BkMk published In the Knees of the Gods, and in 2018, Scattering Skies Press published God, Maybe. She is a Humanities Kansas Scholar in Literature, for 22 years led Johnson County Corrections’ Changing Lives Through Literature seminars, and for 21 years taught English and Creative Writing at Haskell. She will respond to 3-5 poems.

Michael Pritchett.  (fiction)Michael Pritchett, Associate Professor of English, is the author of The Melancholy Fate of Capt. Lewis, a Lewis and Clark novel, Unbridled Books, October 2007. He is also the author of The Venus Tree, winner of an Iowa Short Fiction Award (the John Simmons Short Fiction Award) in 1988 and published by the University of Iowa Press. He is the winner of the 2000 Dana Award for a novel-in-progress for his novel, The Final Effort of the Archer. The title story from his collection appeared in the anthology The Iowa Award: The Best Stories from 20 Years, University of Iowa Press, 1990. His stories have appeared in Slippery Elm, Passages North, Natural Bridge and New Letters, among other noteworthy magazines. He teaches fiction writing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.       one short story or one chapter

Frank Higgins    (drama)

Frank Higgins is the author of a number of plays, including Black Pearl Sings!, which became one of the most professionally produced plays in America, and The Sweet By ‘n’ By, the latter produced with Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow. His work has been seen in New York and at major theaters across the country. In Kansas City his work has been at Kansas City Rep, the Unicorn, the Coterie, and Spinning Tree Theatre. His plays have been published by Dramatists Play Service, Samuel French, Dramatic Publishing Company, and Pioneer Drama Service.  His one act play The True Death of Socrates is included in the Best American Short Plays series. Scenes from his play Gunplay: A Play About America were read on Capitol Hill prior to Congress passing the Brady Bill. He has also published four books of poetry and haiku, the most recent of which is on Earth as it is, a book of haiku published by Spartan Press.                    one one-act play

Work with a Missouri  Poet Laureate:

Walter Bargen

Walter Bargen has published 26 books of poetry including:  My Other Mother’s Red Mercedes, Until Next Time, Pole Dancing in the Night Club of God, You Wounded Miracle, and Too Late to Turn Back. He was Missouri’s first poet laureate (2008-2009).  His awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, Chester H. Jones Foundation Award, and the William Rockhill Nelson Award. He lives near Ashland, Missouri, with his wife and many cats.       3-5 poems

William Trowbridge

Call Me Fool, William Trowbridge’s ninth poetry collection, came out from Red Hen Press in September, 2022. His previous collection is Oldguy: Superhero—The Complete Collection. His new and selected collection is Put This On Please, 2014. Over 550 of his poems have appeared in literary magazines and in more than 50 anthologies and textbooks. He is a faculty mentor in the University of Nebraska-Omaha Low-residency MFA in Writing Program and was Missouri’s 4th Poet Laureate.                 3-5 poems

Aliki Barnstone

Aliki Barnstone is a poet, translator, critic, memoirist, editor, and visual artist. She is the author of eight poetry books, including Dwelling (2016), Bright Body (2011), Dear God, Dear Dr. Heartbreak: New and Selected Poems (2009), and Madly in Love (1997; 2014). She was Missouri’s 4th Poet Laureate.        3-5 poems

Karen Craigo

Karen Craigo, the Fifth Poet Laureate of Missouri (2019-21), is the author of two full-length poetry books, Passing Through Humansville and No More Milk, and three chapbooks. She also writes fiction and essays. Professionally, she is a reporter in Springfield, Missouri, for Springfield Business Journal, where she covers city government, construction/development and workplace culture. She is nonfiction editor of Mid-American Review and poetry series editor for Moon City Press.

                                                         3-5 poems

Maryfrances Wagner

Maryfrances Wagner’s newest books are The Silence of Red Glass, The Immigrants’ New Camera, and Solving for X.  Her newly reissued book Red Silk won the Thorpe Menn Book Award. She co-edits I-70 Review, is president of The Writers Place board, was 2020 Missouri Individual Artist of the Year, and Missouri Poet Laureate 2021-2023. Poems have appeared in New Letters, Midwest Quarterly, Laurel Review, American Journal of Poetry, Poetry East, Green Mountain Literary Review, Voices in Italian Americana, Main Street Rag, Rattle, River Styx, Unsettling America: An Anthology of Contemporary Multicultural Poetry, et. al       3-5 poems

David Harrison

David Harrison's first book for children (The Boy with a Drum), was released in 1969 and sold over two million copies. The first of his long list of awards came in 1972 when he received the Christopher Award for The Book of Giant Stories. Since then David has published ninety original titles that have sold millions of copies. David is Missouri’s 7th Poet Laureate. 

                             Children’s literature.

Manuscript Magic with Deborah Shouse

Make your manuscript more “publication-ready” with professional editing suggestions from Deborah Shouse. Deborah will read and critique 10 double-spaced pages of a fiction or non-fiction manuscript. She reviews content, writing style, voice, focus and clarity. Deborah Shouse is a writer, speaker, editor, creativity catalyst, laughter facilitator, and dementia advocate. Her writing has appeared widely including The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Natural Awakenings, Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, Woman’s Day, Spirituality & Health, The Chicago Tribune and Unity Magazine. Deborah has been featured in many anthologies, including more than five-dozen Chicken Soup books.


 “Deborah Shouse did wonders.  Not only did she line edit the manuscript superbly, she also helped us pare down its length and showed us how to avoid novice mistakes. Deborah gave us an MFA in creative writing.  And she did it with humor and insight and lots of encouragement.”   Jeffrey Falt and Oyungerel Tsedevdamb, Shadow of the Red Star --Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In Memory of Phil Miller Basket

Those of you who remember Phil Miller and his contribution to the literary scene in Kansas City remember not only his poems but also his drawings, paintings, and assorted knickknacks and trinkets. Take home the memory of Phil or share with others.

                                                          Value Priceless

Halloween and Day of the Dead Basket

Enjoy this singing bat, black towel, decorations, journal, notecards, et. al.

                                           Value $50

Holiday Basket

Ornaments, a dog towel of Joy, a Unicef wooden box with a set of village ornaments

                                           Value $50

Alice in Wonderland Basket

For the collector, potential collector or young at heart interested in Alice In Wonderland. Apron, pot holders, Cheshire Cat ornament, caterpillar keyring, Tweddle Dee and Tweddle Dum magnet, Royal Albert teapot ornament, tiny journal, Stained Glass Coloring Book, Alice holding the cards larger ornament.  Some new, some vintage.                 Value $100

                                           Buy now $50

Educational Children’s Books

Three children’s books by David Harrison: Crawly School for Bugs, After Dark: Poems about Nocturnal Animals, and A Place to Start A Family. All teach children about the animal and bug kingdom.

                                           Value $55

                                           Buy Now $35       

Piral Terracotta Clay Cooker

It’s an absolute classic pot for cooking. It was born during the Age of Enlightenment (over 300 years of history). Its technical characteristics facilitate the cooking of soups, from the rustic to the most refines ones. The terracotta is the best way of cooking as it blends and enhances the natural flavors. Piral terracotta amplifies and retains heat and saves energy. Piral pots are at their best when cooking at low temperature and only in an oven. Made in Italy         Value $12

Two Antique Framed Engravings--1841

Printed by W. H. Bartlett, Framed by Spivey’s of Westport          Value $300. – Minimum Bid $35.00

                             Buy now $150

Monument of General Ross Trevor

County Downs, Ireland. Engraving c.1841

artist: C. Couson

Lough Conn and Mt. Nephin

Niphin, Highest stand alone mountain in Ireland – It means heavenly. It’s to the west of Louch Conn, a large, fourteen-mile-long body of water in county Mayo – C 1841 artist: E. Benjamin

Vintage Indian Head or Hat band

Handwoven floral orange and blue beaded headband with suede tie                                       Value $65.00

Writers Place T-Shirts

We come in all sizes

One Extra-large long sleeve and one small short sleeve

                                           Value $40 and $25 each

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie

Enjoy these vintage Barbie ornaments – Native American Barbie and Barbie in her red gown. Vintage but never been used                  Value Varies

Two Smart Bracelet/Watches

These fitness trackers count your steps, monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. A smart bracelet keeps you working on your goals. 

                                                          Value $50 each                          

Lipper Interntional Salad Bowl

10” x 5” Beechwood Salad bowl

with 12” servers                                 Value $30

It’s Picnic Time

Here’s all you need for a picnic outside

except for the food. Two sizes of napkins,

two sizes of plates all in a picnic or cookout

theme and a picnic pot holder

                                                          Value $30

Melamine. Add a vintage set of red melamine Ingrid Ltd International dishes—eight salad and eight dinner (individually $12.00 each)

                                           Value $175.00

Threshold Decorative Tray

Enjoy this gold decorative tray – a solid tray that will hold an array of things from a dozen wine glasses to a plate of appetizers. Not for food use. 

                                                          Value $39.99

Powell Gardens Thermo Picnic Basket

Small collapsible insulated Picnic basket with padded handles for easy carrying. Perfect for the beach, travel, a family outing or anything else where you want to keep food or beverage cold.

                                                          Value $20.00

Gold and White Storage Bins

Need to organize? Here are two gold and white storage bins with rope handles. Room for clothes, toys, books, pet products, or other sundry items of your choice. Easy to spot clean.

                                           Value $30.00 for the pair

Creative Co-Op White Stoneware

Set of four measuring cups in stoneware. Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Easy to clean, easy to read.

                                           Value $26.00

Jacques Pepin Collection Double-Handle Chicken Bowl for Sur La Table

Legendary chef Jacques Pepin celebrates his love of cooking through his art in this chicken bowl handcrafted in Italy.

                                           Value $20.00

Vintage Godinger Compact and Mirror

Vintage Godinger Ornate Silver-Plated, Round Compact with Mirror

                                           Value $50

Vintage Limoge Floral Trinket Box

Porcelain egg trinket box in floral designs. Perfect for storing rings or small trinkets.

                                           Value $25.00

Gorham China Trinket Box

Gorham fine china trinket box to store your rings, your small treasures or to serve as a lovely accent to any table.                                               Value $25.00 

Woven South American Bag/Tote

This brown, woven shoulder bag is perfect for a small shopping trip, carrying around your writing gear, or giving as a gift.

                                           Value $30.00

Lap Writing Desk

Emily Dickinson, eat your heart out. Here is an antique wooden lap desk with a flip top where you can store paper, pens, your journal or anything else you want.

                                                          Value $100

                                                          Min Bid $35

Joanne Schiavone Handmade box

Joanne Schiavone’s handmade boxes are each unique. This vintage example folds out and ties together. A lovely box for something special or an ideal gift

                                           Value $30.00

Sunny Yellow and Cobalt Blue Floral Cachepot Andrea By Sadek

A lovely vintage ceramic planter. Bright blue pansies against a blue background with scalloped edges. Handles add a special touch.

                                                          Value $119.00

Iron Ware Pedestal Stand by Europa

This solid iron pedestal in the shape of hearts is perfect for balancing a globe, a plant, a cake plate, etc. Enjoy it yourself or give it as a gift. Made in Denmark

                                                          Value $55.00

Go Southwestern for your next party. 

Enjoy this woven basket, a Salsa Server Boston Warehouse Western Cactus, a canoe-shaped dip or olive bowl, and a bamboo three-sectioned bowl for different kinds of chips. 

                                                          Value $45.00

Salsa Server

Time for that southwestern themed party, and this cactus and ladle will make your salsa have a special look. Terra Cotta. Vintage from the 90’s but never used

                                           Value $25.00

Square Scene Chinese Vase

Blue and white vase with a Chinese scene of mountains and home. About fifteen inches tall.

                                           Value $45.00

Eight Melamine Appetizer Plates

Seasons by Rebecca Kolls – two sets of four melamine dishwater safe appetizer plates. Perfect for card parties, each black with one of the four suits: club, heart, diamond, spade. 

                                                          Value $26.00

Mini Top Hat Fascinator

Enjoy wearing this tiny hat fascinator at your next Derby Tea Party or any party at all. A lovely finishing touch. Wear it yourself or make it a gift for that special someone.                              Value $20

Betty Crocker’s Microwave Cookbook

This hard-bound indexed cookbook offers over 250 recipes with rings to add more. A great gift for anyone who love to cook or wants to convert common meals from oven to microwave.  This is the kind of cookbook that stays on a shelf indefinitely.

                                                          Value $20.00

Revol Le Porcelaine France Olive Server

Here’s the perfect dish to serve your olives in at your next party.                              Value $20.00

Pet Basket

Here’s something for all dog lovers—a copy of Rick Christiansen’s pet poetry anthology, a $10 gift card to PetsMart, holiday dog towels, chew and rope toys, and balls to toss                                       Value $50

Sequin Finial Ornament

Use this 12” sequin finial ornament on your tree, in a flower pot, in a decorative flower arrangement, or any other creative way. Bronze painted glass with beads and sequins.

                                           Value $20

Culinary Masterpieces from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Wish you could make the Nelson’s wonderful scones? How about those savory appetizers they offer at events? In this collection, enjoy the best recipes from soups, breads, pastas, meat, veggies, salads and desserts. There’s even a section on Best Kept Secrets

                                           Value $35

An autographed copy of Literary Alchemist: The Writing Life of Evan S. Connell, by Steve Paul

The hard-cover (retail value $45) and first biography of this Kansas City-born, somewhat eccentric author, Steve's book has been hailed by Harper's, the Washington Post, the New Yorker and other publications as insightful, surprising, and beautifully crafted.

                                           Value $45

Mystery Books – Take a chance

A mystery grab-bag of 10 books of poetry and other literary gems, curated from the shelves of book critic, author, and lifetime reader Steve Paul (retail value: $175-250). 

Wooden Wine Rack

Enjoy this wooden wine rack. Store nearly a case of wine bottles at the angle they need to be.

                                           Value $40

Carol Zastoupil Oil on Canvas

Untitled nature study, oil-on-canvas, by Carol Zastoupil. A selection from Carol's colorful and whimsical landscape series (market value: $300).

                                           Value $300

Keepsake Ornaments Designed by Lynn Norton

1. 2005 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A lighted ornament (battery powered) from STAR TREK motion pictures. The ornament is signed and has the artist’s signature in litho printed on the back of the box.

                  Value: Original retail price was $28.00.              Current collectible value $80-100.

2. 1993 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D lighted ornament from STAR TREK-The Next Generation TV series and motion pictures. Includes a miniature light string (no longer being manufactured) which powers the ornament. The ornament is signed and is on the back of the box.

                  Value: Original retail price was $24.00.              Current collectible value is $25-30.00. 3. 1998 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E lighted ornament from STAR TREK motion pictures, powered by a miniature light string (included). Signed on the ornament and on back of box.                   Value: Original retail price $24.00.                   Current collectible value $38-50.00.                                       Minimum Bid $25 for all                                     Buy Now $50

Nina Lymon Cat Mug -  2

Custom made, handmade and hand painted by Nina Lyman of Cats by Nina. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Buy one or buy them both. 

                             Value $35.00 each

                             Buy Now $25

Blue and White Necklace and Earrings

Sodalite fish fetishes, clambroth, Deco, and spun glass antique beads, blue crystals and assorted other beads. Sodalite’s meaning is communication and poetry

                                           Value $60.00

                                           Buy Now $35                     

Rose Quartz and Pink Freshwater Pearls Necklace and earrings

Chunks of rose quartz with smaller rose quartz beads, pink fresh water pearls, and turquoise fossil beads. Rose quartz is known as a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love.

                                           Value $60.00

                                           Buy Now $35

Dale Jamieson B&W Photograph

Hang this Black and White photography of the tunnel view in Yosemite National Park. Dramatic and striking in the fashion of Ansel Adams

                                           Value $225

                                           Minimum Bid $35

                                           Buy Now $100

Bruce McClain Drawings

Each of these white-framed drawings would hang nicely in any home.   Who wouldn’t want to own a drawing by Bruce McClain.

#1 11x14 – A man, a frog, and a pencil

                             Value $75.           Buy Now $50

#2 16x24 Lament for the Lost—a man contemplates a deer, a bird, and a squirrel

                             Value $150 e

                             Minimum Bid $50

                             Buy Now $100

Dale Jamieson B&W Photograph

Hang this Black and White photography of the tunnel view in Yosemite National Park. Dramatic and striking in the fashion of Ansel Adams

                                           Value $225

                                           Minimum Bid $35

                                           Buy Now $100

Framed Haiku from the Missouri Haiku Project

A collection of framed haiku from the Missouri Haiku Project. Collection also includes two framed haiku/photographs of John Peterson and two paintings with haiku of Polly Alice McCann. Buy one or many. 

                                           Buy Now $10.00 each

Three Life Coaching sessions

 with coach Ronda Miller who  specializes in grief, creativity, and success coaching. Miller is certified by IPEC (Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching) in Chicago (2007). Miller has five published books of poetry and teaches The Importance of Voice for Trauma Transformation in concert with The Johnson County Library, School of Trades, and The Department of Corrections.

              Individual sessions run $75 per hour. 

              Minimum Bid $50

              Buy Now $125

River Cow Orchestra for an evening

Wondering what you’re going to do for your next party? How about having an improv jazz band play for you?  If not at your party, how about your company get-together or office party?Bid on this group of musicians that have been entertaining crowds at the Drum Room, Neon Gallery, Bohemian Gallery, Pop Up Gallery, Lawrence Arts Center, Todd Bolander Center, Westport Coffeehouse theater, and many Crossroads First Friday and Fringe Festival events. The band will play at your next party, opening, or reception.    

                                           Value $200                                                                     Minimum Bid $50

                                           Buy Now $100

Airbnb in Lawrence, KS

Spend two nights in an Airbnb in Lawrence, Ks. Ronda Miller has been operating The ‘Write’ Red Barn for two years. Direct off I-70 S exit, close to restaurants, downtown and The University of Kansas. The private one bedroom (with Queen bed) and adjoining room comfortably hosts two adults. Lounge with a mini fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, TV and assorted coffees/teas. The private patio and entrance/exit makes for a relaxing space in an established neighbor. Dogs are welcome.               Value $400

                                                          Minimum Bid $50

                                                          Buy Now $200

Cooper’s Hawk Wine Tasting for Four

Enjoy this Lux Tasting for 4 with friends at Cooper’s Hawk where the wine is always fine. Up to four may enjoy this wine tasting that also includes their gourmet chocolate truffles. Good at any Cooper’s Hawk location.                                            Value $48.00

Vivilore Gift Card

Enjoy the best lobster roll in town or coconut shrimp and crab cakes or salads so beautiful you’ll want to photograph them or sandwiches and entrees cooked just for you. If you haven’t been to Vivilore, you’re missing out on one of Kansas City’s treasures. 

                                           Value $50.00

                                           Minimum $20

Jasper’s Italian Restaurant Gift Card

Enjoy the finest Italian in all of Kansas City. Pastas, fish, meat, and salads all made especially for you and undoubtedly the finest desserts. 

                                           Value $100.00

                                           Minimum Bid $35

Waldo’s Pizza

$25 gift certificate to Waldo’s Pizza where you can choose from a wide variety of pizzas, crusts, and sauces. Design your own pizza. 

                                           Value $25

                                           Minimum Bid $10

Unicorn Theatre Tickets

Two tickets to any regularly scheduled Unicorn Theatre Season Performance.

                                           Value $88.00

                                           Minimum Bid $25

Two KC Rep Tickets

Enjoy KC Rep’s September performance of Cyrano de Bergerac at Spencer Theatre.  Two tickets.

                                           Value $158.00

                                           Minimum bid $40.00

Quality Hill Playhouse Season Tickets

Enjoy the whole 23-24 Quality Hill Playhouse season—great performances under the direction of Kent Barnhart. Located at 303 W. 10th Street, and every seat in the house is a good one.  Enjoy this musical season. 

                                           Value $420

                                           Minimum bid $100

Quality Hill Performance for two

Two Quality Hill Playhouse tickets for one 2023-2024 performance under the direction of Kent Barnhart. Pick your favorite show from the season where no seat is a bad one. Located at 303 W. 10th Street

                                           Value $90

                                           Minimum bid $30

Maggiano’s Gift Cards

Feeling like some lasagne? Salmon with Crispy Calabrian Shrimp? Bombalina? Chicken Parmesan? These gift cards can help fill that need.

Located at 7025 W. 135th in Overland Park.

Two sets of three $10 gift cards.

                                           Value $30 each set

                                           Minimum $10

Embroidery Cat Reading Cat’s Cradle

Who wouldn’t want to hang this 12.5 x 15.25 framed embroidery picture of a cat reading Cat’s Cradle? Any cat lover will find this absolutely charming.

                                           Value $100

Vintage Japanese Doll from Kyoto Japan

circa 1975. Dressed in a brocaded ceremonial kimono and holding a warrior's helmet with plume.

                                           Value $50

Comforts of Home

Enjoy watching your football game with these items: A Patrick Mahomes dish towel, Cinnamon bears, wine Stefano Di Blasé, chocolate pretzels, Laura Little chocolates, and stationary.

                                                       Value  $45

Go Southwestern

For your next party, enjoy this woven basket, a Salsa Server, Boston Warehouse Western Cactus, a canoe-shaped dip or olive bowl, and a bamboo three-sectioned bowl for different kinds of chips.

                                     Value $45.00

Sunny Yellow and Cobalt Blue Floral Cachepot Andrea By Sadek

A lovely vintage ceramic planter, bright blue pansies against a blue background with scalloped edges. Handles add a special touch.

                                     Value $119.00

Ceramic Cafe Mug Painting Party

Includes four mugs for you and friends to paint at Ceramic Cafe, 9510 Nall Avenue.                                                           Value $100

Puzzles! Puzzles! Puzzles!!

Puzzle lovers, here are three gorgeous puzzles to bid on for hours of enjoyment over a cup of tea or with friends at a puzzle party.

                                           Value: $70

Summerfest Concerts

Four tickets to any 2024 Summerfest Concerts series. Summerfest is a professional chamber music ensemble performing in Kansas City each July - celebrating their 32nd anniversary season in 2024.

                                           Value $112

Framed floral painting by Sara Unrein

There is bound to be a place on your wall for this framed floral acrylic on canvas painting

by Sara Unrein.


Christopher Elbow Chocolates

When you hear Chrisopher Elbow’s name, you know something good is going to follow. Enjoy a box of Kansas City's own Christopher Elbow chocolates.

                                           Value: $40

Vera Bradley tote bag

What’s not to love about Vera Bradley. Whether it’s solid, plaid, paisley, or floral, every Vera Bradley bag is beautiful and durable for carrying everything we need—or mostly. You’ll love this raspberry recycled cotton tote from Vera Bradley.

                                           Value: $95

Bliss Chocolatier

Eat your way through this sampler of beautiful Bliss chocolates, or give it as a special gift. Handcrafted and gorgeous. 

                                           Value $40

B&B Theatres

Enjoy the magic of the movies with a pass to B&B Theatres. $50 gift card

                                           Value: $50

Floral Arrangement

Send flowers with class from The Fiddly Fig. All arrangements special and unique. 

                                           Value: $60

Trick or Treat! Yum. Yum

You're all set for Halloween with a metal trick or treat basket brimming with Halloween treats!

                                           Value: $75

Solo Stove. Mesa tabletop fire pit

Bring warmth to the table on those chilly nights or elevate the mood. This beauty fits right on tap of your table. Run with the cool and be hot.  

                                           Value: $129

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