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As we continue to practice social distancing, The Writers Place is unable to host events at our 31W31 venue. Until we are able to have in-person events again, TWP Reading Series, Riverfront Readings and any special events will be through Zoom. 

We look forward to seeing you at our events when it is safe to do so.



Board of Directors, The Writers Place

Upcoming events

    • 24 Sep 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • Virtual via Zoom

    You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
    When: Sep 24, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

    Register in advance for this meeting:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

    • 25 Sep 2021
    • 3:00 PM
    • Virtual via Zoom

    To sign up to read at the event, email info@writersplace.org. Be sure to put 100 Thousand Poets for Change in the subject line. 

    • 1 Oct 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • Zoom Event

    To sign up, email 170review@gmail.com. 

    • 4 Oct 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • The Warwick, 3927 Main, Kansas City MO 64111

    • 9 Oct 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Held virtually via Zoom

    Register in advance for this meeting:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing
    information about joining the meeting.

    • 15 Oct 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • Held virtually via Zoom

    Oct 15  -- William Trowbridge, Jim Peterson, Shannon Ballam – Zoom

    • 29 Oct 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • Held virtually via Zoom

    Save the date for our annual Day of the Dead celebration, to be held this year via Zoom. Stay tuned for more details!

    • 5 Nov 2021

    Stay tuned for more details about this event!

    • 19 Nov 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • Held virtually via Zoom

    TWP Reading Series featuring Alarie Tennille, Tina Hacker, Teresa Leggard. 

    Alarie Tennille was a pioneer coed at the University of Virginia, where she earned her degree in English, Phi Beta Kappa key, and black belt in Feminism. In 1982 she left everyone she knew in Virginia and followed her husband to Kansas City. She also left behind technical editing to embrace a creative writing career.  Alarie serves on the the Emeritus Board and Programming Committee of The Writers Place, as well as emcee and coordinator 

    of the Rose Garden Readings at Loose Park. Since retiring in 2012, Alarie has published three books of poems. Tonight she’ll be reading from her new collection, Three A.M. at the Museum. Her poems have won a long ride on the Kansas City Trolley, First Runner Up in the Thorpe Menn Award for Literary excellence, and the first editor’s choice Fantastic Ekphrastic Award from The Ekphrastic Review.

    Teresa M. Leggard (she/her) is a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, Midwest transplant. She’s a poet, teacher, editor, theater director, and creative collaborator, who currently teaches English composition at Metropolitan Community College. Teresa earned her BA in English from Spelman College and her MFA in creative writing and media arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Recent publications include “The Private Life of Flowers” (Auburn Avenue, 2020), “Life Sentences” and “I never really knew someone could hate you so much just by looking at you” (Aunt Chloe, 2020). This fall she made her directorial debut at The Unicorn Theatre with PIPELINE by Dominique Morisseau. Teresa sees all of her work—across genres and disciplines—as an opportunity to help people say what they mean. 

    Tina Hacker asked a  golem to compile her biography when her poetry collection, GOLEMS, was released this year. Tina’s poems about these magical creatures from Jewish folklore were serialized in the online journal Quantum Fairy Tales where they acquired a following of attentive fans. 

    A four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Tina was a finalist in New Letters and George F. Wedge competitions, named Editor’s Choice in two literary journals and was awarded the Matrix Honor prize. The golem adds that her other poetry collections are Listening to Night Whistles and Cutting It.

    In 2016 Tina was named a Muse of The Writers Place and since 1976, has been poetry editor for Veterans’ Voices, a national magazine of writing by military veterans. The golem agreed to be at her side tonight as she reads from GOLEMS.

    • 2 Dec 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • Westport Coffeehouse, 4010 Pennsylvania, Kansas City MO

    Westport Coffeehouse Theater
    Thursday, December 2, 2021
    Westport Coffeehouse, 4010 Pennsylvania

    Join us for this wonderful collaboration of music and poetry.

    River Cow Orchestra and poets Alexej Savreux, Malcolm Cook, Greg Cenac, Kevin Rabas, Bill Bauer, Silvia Kofler, Hyejung Kook.

    Enter from the coffeehouse and go downstairs or enter from the Green Room. 
    Plenty of parking beside the building. 

    This event is a collaboration with River Cow Orchestra and The Writers Place.  Poets will read, and the improvisational band will interpret the music. 

Past events

17 Sep 2021 The Writers Place Reading featuring Kamilah Aisha Moon, Ron Koertge, Charles Harper Webb
10 Sep 2021 Riverfront Reading Series
20 Aug 2021 The Writers Place Reading Series featuring Robert L. Dean, Jr., Melissa Fite Johnson, and Jemshed Khan
18 Aug 2021 A Tribute to Conger Beasley, Jr.
13 Aug 2021 Vino and Verses in partnership with Riverfront Readings Series
16 Jul 2021 TWP Reading Series: The Shining Years, Poems about Aging
21 Jun 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
18 Jun 2021 The Writers Place presents Cate Browder, George Bilgere, and Saddiq Dzukogi
12 Jun 2021 Rose Garden Reading
11 Jun 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Divya Ramesh, Chloe Wagner, and Michelle Pond
21 May 2021 The Crystal Field Open Mic Reading
17 May 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
14 May 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Linda Rodriguez and Mary Troy
16 Apr 2021 The Writers Place presents Katie Manning, Wayne Miller, and Kevin Prufer
9 Apr 2021 Riverfront Reading Series: Featuring Lisa Bradford, Steve Bradbury, Xánath Caraza
19 Mar 2021 The Writers Place presents Walter Bargen, RM Kinder, and Catherine Pierce
12 Mar 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Janet Banks, Gena Bardwell, and Stanley Banks
6 Mar 2021 Kansas City Poets: A Virtual AWP Offsite Event
4 Mar 2021 Missouri Lit Mags: A Virtual AWP Offsite Reading
19 Feb 2021 The Writers Place Presents The Nu Profit$ of P/O/E/T/I/C Di$shord
15 Feb 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
12 Feb 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Gloria Vando and Anika Paris
15 Jan 2021 TWP Readers Series Featuring Pat Daneman, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and Huascar Medina
11 Jan 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Dec 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
13 Dec 2020 Riverfront Holiday Open Mic
4 Dec 2020 Riverfront Reading Series: Featuring Susan Whitmore and Denise Low
23 Nov 2020 Open Mic Night
20 Nov 2020 TWP Reading Series: Pat Lawson, Ruth Williams, Judith Fertig
16 Nov 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
13 Nov 2020 Riverfront Readings
6 Nov 2020 Day of the Dead Celebration
26 Oct 2020 Open Mic Night
25 Oct 2020 Phil Miller Scholarship Reading
19 Oct 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
16 Oct 2020 TWP Reading Series: Jocelyn Cullity, Robert Stewart, Lisa Stewart
11 Oct 2020 TWP Reading Series Annual LGBTQ Reading
9 Oct 2020 Riverfront Reading Series Featuring Maryfrances Wagner and Greg Field
2 Oct 2020 Writers Place Reader Series -Featuring Kathryn Nuernberger, John Gallaher, Rodney Gomez, Walter Bargen
28 Sep 2020 Open Mic Night
25 Sep 2020 1-70 2020 Release Party (via Zoom)
21 Sep 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
20 Sep 2020 TWP Recovery Reading
18 Sep 2020 TWP Reading Series Featuring Virginia Bracket, Traci Brimhall, John Peterson
11 Sep 2020 Riverfront Zoom Readings
4 Sep 2020 Worlds Beyond: Speculative Fiction Virtual Reading
24 Aug 2020 Open Mic Night
21 Aug 2020 TWP Reading Series: Zoom Event
17 Aug 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Aug 2020 Riverfront Readings
13 Aug 2020 CANCELLED: Poetry + Jazz Improv with River Cow Orchestra
27 Jul 2020 Open Mic Night
23 Jul 2020 TWP Reading Series: Virtual Event
20 Jul 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
15 Jul 2020 TRIBE Your VIBE
22 Jun 2020 Open Mic Night
19 Jun 2020 The Writers Place Zoom Reading
17 Jun 2020 Riverfront Minis Virtual Reading Featuring Huascar Medina, Poet Laureate of Kansas
6 Mar 2020 Worlds Beyond: Speculative Fiction Reading
29 Feb 2020 Digging with the Golden Shovel: A Poetry Workshop
24 Feb 2020 Open Mic Night
21 Feb 2020 TWP Reading Series
17 Feb 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Feb 2020 Riverfront Readings
27 Jan 2020 Open Mic Night
20 Jan 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
18 Jan 2020 Little and Fierce: The Micro-Memoir
17 Jan 2020 TWP Reading Series
30 Dec 2019 Open Mic Night
16 Dec 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
15 Dec 2019 Riverfront Holiday Open Mic
25 Nov 2019 Open Mic Night
18 Nov 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
16 Nov 2019 The Rough Draft or Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Or Both?
15 Nov 2019 TWP Reading Series
9 Nov 2019 Meet and Mingle and Help The Writers Place
8 Nov 2019 Riverfront Readings
28 Oct 2019 Open Mic Night
26 Oct 2019 (CANCELLED) Memoir and Memory: Writing Your Story
25 Oct 2019 Day of the Dead 2019
22 Oct 2019 (CANCELLED) Tighten Your Prose: The Economy of Words
21 Oct 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
19 Oct 2019 The Poem as Journey
18 Oct 2019 TWP Reading Series
13 Oct 2019 Haunted Words Open Mic benefit for the Philip Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
10 Oct 2019 Westport Coffeehouse Theater
5 Oct 2019 Grace in 14 Lines: The Sonnet
4 Oct 2019 Meet and Mingle and Help The Writers Place
30 Sep 2019 Open Mic Night
27 Sep 2019 TWP Reading Series
21 Sep 2019 South Branch Library Reading
21 Sep 2019 Recovery Reading
21 Sep 2019 Ready, Set, Submit!
20 Sep 2019 TWP Reading Series
18 Sep 2019 Happy Hour at O'Dowd's
16 Sep 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
15 Sep 2019 Recovery Reading
13 Sep 2019 Riverfront Readings
26 Aug 2019 Open Mic Night
19 Aug 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
16 Aug 2019 TWP Reading Series
14 Aug 2019 Dining for Dollars at Blue Moose Bar & Grill
8 Aug 2019 Westport Coffeehouse Theater
29 Jul 2019 Open Mic Night
15 Jul 2019 Creative Writing Summer Camp
7 Jul 2019 Nonprofit Village Art Exhibit Hosted by The Writers Place
24 Jun 2019 Open Mic Night
21 Jun 2019 TWP Reading Series
17 Jun 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Jun 2019 Riverfront Readings
1 Jun 2019 TWP Presents Writing Joy
20 May 2019 Poetry Reading Circle

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