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The Writers Place offers a variety of workshops, readings, and special events. Check out our event calendar for more information. 

Reading Series

We host readings throughout the year by local, regional, and visiting writers of poetry, fiction, memoir, and creative nonfiction.

Riverfront Readings - 2nd Fridays, 8 PM

Since 1986, Riverfront Readings of poetry and literature have taken place the second Friday of each month at 8 PM.  Regular readings feature two readers (poets and fiction writers), who may be established regional writers or more local, emerging ones.  Riverfront also hosts special readings and open mics throughout the year.  Readers are selected by an independent committee.  Those interested in reading should contact Riverfront directly.

The Writers Place Reading Series - 3rd Fridays, 7 PM

The Writers Place Reading series reviews and schedules requests to read, so anyone interested in reading must send in a request form.  Each reading usually features three local, regional, emerging, and/or nationally known writers of mixed genres.  The Readings and Special Events committee schedules readings by the end of each calendar year for the following year with some exceptions and partnerships.  This series also supports five Celebration Events each year including an LGBT Reading, Day of the Dead, an Ethnic Celebration of mixed arts, and a mixed arts collaboration celebrating improvisational dance, music and poetry in partnership with River Cow Orchestra, the Kansas City Contemporary Dance Company, and poets from The Writers Place.  If you would like to request to read, please download our Reading Request Form and submit in electronic version. 

TWP Open Mic Reading  -- 4th Mondays, 7 PM

TWP Open Mic reading series is open to all emerging and established writers.  It's a great place to try something new out, do a first public reading, and get to know other writers in the community.  It's a supportive experience and meets every 4th Monday at the Quaker House at 4405 Gilliam Road.  All writing is welcomed--fiction, poetry, nonfiction, memoir, songs, and passages from plays.  Readers have a total of four to five minutes.   Sharon Eiker has been hosting this series since TWP opened in 1992.  No need to let anyone know you want to read ahead of time for this series - just show up. 

Request a Reading

If you are interested in reading on TWP Reading Series, our Readings and Events Committee receives Reading Request forms that they consider based on the mission of TWP and its goals.  The committee dates and files each of the requests and books readings for the following calendar year in September and October until the year's schedule is full.  If you want to read on that series, download the Reading Request form, and submit it electronically.  Most readings are scheduled far in advance, so if you want the reading to be a book signing, be sure to submit months ahead of the release of your book.  TWP Series books poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and drama.  Readers read with two other people and have about 15-20 minutes of reading time.  We do not book lectures, talks, religious writing (unless it is part of a special spiritual program), or inflammatory or salacious writing. 

If you are interested in reading for the Riverfront Series, you can apply to Phyllis Becker.  They also schedule their readings a year in advance, so be sure to get on their list as early as you can. 

Voices from The Writers Place Audiobook

Voices from the Writers Place audiobook is now available to stream/download! Twenty-five writers reading their work.

Stream online at Voices from the Writers Place | The Writers Place (bandcamp.com)

Upcoming events

    • 17 Dec 2021
    • 7:00 PM
    • Virtual via Zoom

    Voices from the Writers Place
    December 17, 2021
    Virtual via Zoom

    Please join us Dec 17 at 7:00 CST for a Writers Place Reading Series Zoom event celebrating The Writers Place’s first audiobook!

    The event will feature audiobook contributors reading their work live, followed by an open mic. Contributors to the album should not feel limited to only their track on the album. The event will be recorded and performances could be used in a possible live album.

    To sign up to read, please send an email to writersplacesubmissions@gmail.com, containing your name, a brief bio (50 words or fewer), and the type of work you would like to perform (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc.). Please plan on limiting your performance to no more than one poem or three minutes of prose.  Depending on the response, we may be able to have a second round of performances.

    Please send your request to read by Dec 1.

    We can’t wait to see and hear you all!

Past events

2 Dec 2021 Westport Coffeehouse Theater
19 Nov 2021 TWP Reading Series featuring Alarie Tennille, Tina Hacker, Teresa Leggard
12 Nov 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Steve Werkmeister and Matthew Schmeer
5 Nov 2021 Whispering Prairie Press Magazine Launch Party
5 Nov 2021 Kansas City Voices
29 Oct 2021 Day of the Dead Celebration
24 Oct 2021 A Tribute to Phil Miller & the Annual Scholarship Reading
23 Oct 2021 Rose Garden Reading
15 Oct 2021 TWP Reading Series featuring William Trowbridge, Jim Peterson, Shannon Ballam
9 Oct 2021 LGBTQ Reading
4 Oct 2021 Vino and Verse hosted by Sylvia Kofler (Riverfront Readings Series)
1 Oct 2021 1-70 Review Magazine Release Reading - A Zoom Event
25 Sep 2021 100 Thousand Poets for Change Open Mic
24 Sep 2021 1-70 Review Magazine Release Reading
17 Sep 2021 The Writers Place Reading featuring Kamilah Aisha Moon, Ron Koertge, Charles Harper Webb
10 Sep 2021 Riverfront Reading Series
20 Aug 2021 The Writers Place Reading Series featuring Robert L. Dean, Jr., Melissa Fite Johnson, and Jemshed Khan
18 Aug 2021 A Tribute to Conger Beasley, Jr.
13 Aug 2021 Vino and Verses in partnership with Riverfront Readings Series
16 Jul 2021 TWP Reading Series: The Shining Years, Poems about Aging
21 Jun 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
18 Jun 2021 The Writers Place presents Cate Browder, George Bilgere, and Saddiq Dzukogi
12 Jun 2021 Rose Garden Reading
11 Jun 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Divya Ramesh, Chloe Wagner, and Michelle Pond
21 May 2021 The Crystal Field Open Mic Reading
17 May 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
14 May 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Linda Rodriguez and Mary Troy
16 Apr 2021 The Writers Place presents Katie Manning, Wayne Miller, and Kevin Prufer
9 Apr 2021 Riverfront Reading Series: Featuring Lisa Bradford, Steve Bradbury, Xánath Caraza
19 Mar 2021 The Writers Place presents Walter Bargen, RM Kinder, and Catherine Pierce
12 Mar 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Janet Banks, Gena Bardwell, and Stanley Banks
6 Mar 2021 Kansas City Poets: A Virtual AWP Offsite Event
4 Mar 2021 Missouri Lit Mags: A Virtual AWP Offsite Reading
19 Feb 2021 The Writers Place Presents The Nu Profit$ of P/O/E/T/I/C Di$shord
15 Feb 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
12 Feb 2021 Riverfront Reading Series featuring Gloria Vando and Anika Paris
15 Jan 2021 TWP Readers Series Featuring Pat Daneman, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and Huascar Medina
11 Jan 2021 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Dec 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
13 Dec 2020 Riverfront Holiday Open Mic
4 Dec 2020 Riverfront Reading Series: Featuring Susan Whitmore and Denise Low
23 Nov 2020 Open Mic Night
20 Nov 2020 TWP Reading Series: Pat Lawson, Ruth Williams, Judith Fertig
16 Nov 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
13 Nov 2020 Riverfront Readings
6 Nov 2020 Day of the Dead Celebration
26 Oct 2020 Open Mic Night
25 Oct 2020 Phil Miller Scholarship Reading
19 Oct 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
16 Oct 2020 TWP Reading Series: Jocelyn Cullity, Robert Stewart, Lisa Stewart
11 Oct 2020 TWP Reading Series Annual LGBTQ Reading
9 Oct 2020 Riverfront Reading Series Featuring Maryfrances Wagner and Greg Field
2 Oct 2020 Writers Place Reader Series -Featuring Kathryn Nuernberger, John Gallaher, Rodney Gomez, Walter Bargen
28 Sep 2020 Open Mic Night
25 Sep 2020 1-70 2020 Release Party (via Zoom)
21 Sep 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
20 Sep 2020 TWP Recovery Reading
18 Sep 2020 TWP Reading Series Featuring Virginia Bracket, Traci Brimhall, John Peterson
11 Sep 2020 Riverfront Zoom Readings
4 Sep 2020 Worlds Beyond: Speculative Fiction Virtual Reading
24 Aug 2020 Open Mic Night
21 Aug 2020 TWP Reading Series: Zoom Event
17 Aug 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Aug 2020 Riverfront Readings
13 Aug 2020 CANCELLED: Poetry + Jazz Improv with River Cow Orchestra
27 Jul 2020 Open Mic Night
23 Jul 2020 TWP Reading Series: Virtual Event
20 Jul 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
15 Jul 2020 TRIBE Your VIBE
22 Jun 2020 Open Mic Night
19 Jun 2020 The Writers Place Zoom Reading
17 Jun 2020 Riverfront Minis Virtual Reading Featuring Huascar Medina, Poet Laureate of Kansas
6 Mar 2020 Worlds Beyond: Speculative Fiction Reading
29 Feb 2020 Digging with the Golden Shovel: A Poetry Workshop
24 Feb 2020 Open Mic Night
21 Feb 2020 TWP Reading Series
17 Feb 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Feb 2020 Riverfront Readings
27 Jan 2020 Open Mic Night
20 Jan 2020 Poetry Reading Circle
18 Jan 2020 Little and Fierce: The Micro-Memoir
17 Jan 2020 TWP Reading Series
30 Dec 2019 Open Mic Night
16 Dec 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
15 Dec 2019 Riverfront Holiday Open Mic
25 Nov 2019 Open Mic Night
18 Nov 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
16 Nov 2019 The Rough Draft or Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Or Both?
15 Nov 2019 TWP Reading Series
9 Nov 2019 Meet and Mingle and Help The Writers Place
8 Nov 2019 Riverfront Readings
28 Oct 2019 Open Mic Night
26 Oct 2019 (CANCELLED) Memoir and Memory: Writing Your Story
25 Oct 2019 Day of the Dead 2019
22 Oct 2019 (CANCELLED) Tighten Your Prose: The Economy of Words
21 Oct 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
19 Oct 2019 The Poem as Journey
18 Oct 2019 TWP Reading Series
13 Oct 2019 Haunted Words Open Mic benefit for the Philip Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
10 Oct 2019 Westport Coffeehouse Theater
5 Oct 2019 Grace in 14 Lines: The Sonnet
4 Oct 2019 Meet and Mingle and Help The Writers Place
30 Sep 2019 Open Mic Night
27 Sep 2019 TWP Reading Series
21 Sep 2019 South Branch Library Reading
21 Sep 2019 Recovery Reading
21 Sep 2019 Ready, Set, Submit!
20 Sep 2019 TWP Reading Series
18 Sep 2019 Happy Hour at O'Dowd's
16 Sep 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
15 Sep 2019 Recovery Reading
13 Sep 2019 Riverfront Readings
26 Aug 2019 Open Mic Night
19 Aug 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
16 Aug 2019 TWP Reading Series
14 Aug 2019 Dining for Dollars at Blue Moose Bar & Grill
8 Aug 2019 Westport Coffeehouse Theater
29 Jul 2019 Open Mic Night
15 Jul 2019 Creative Writing Summer Camp
7 Jul 2019 Nonprofit Village Art Exhibit Hosted by The Writers Place
24 Jun 2019 Open Mic Night
21 Jun 2019 TWP Reading Series
17 Jun 2019 Poetry Reading Circle
14 Jun 2019 Riverfront Readings
1 Jun 2019 TWP Presents Writing Joy
20 May 2019 Poetry Reading Circle

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